SBER SMI v2.09 Released

The new version of SBER SMI is released with the addition of new features:

  • Added support for power demand zones (green) and supply zones (yellow).
  • Added option to set power demand and supply zones for latest candles
  • Added option to set chart background to trend based colour



15th May 2021
SBER SMI v2.07B is now available.

SBER SMI v2.07B is now available. Release notes - Added information on the opportunity that looks good or poor as per recent price action. This is beta functionality and must be used carefully. - Added text information on trend along with arrow (bug resolved)   Read More »

8th Apr 2021
SBER SMI v2.06 with Pullback Trading, Power Trend Candles, and Market Bias Features

The SBER announced the release of the new version of its powerful SBER SMI analytics tool v2.06B on 30 March 2021. New features added are: Pullback Mode Pullback mode analysis the strength of the trend and keeps updating pullback levels. Marked by 3 primary middle lines:Blueline (enter trade)Blackline (possible reversal line)Redline (Stop ... Read More »

31st Mar 2021
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