SMI v2.0 Released

SMI Subscription v2.0 (Beta) Released: a) Probability of Heavy Trend - Prob of upcoming heavy trends. Handful for options traders to decide their strategy (trend or no-trend).  b) Heavy Trend Possible - For trend traders Read release notes for details. To use v2.0, remove older version of SMI subscription from chart and select to apply ... Read More »

3rd Jan 2021
New membership levels on our Youtube channel

From Jan 01 2021, new membership levels will be effected:

  • Trader (New) - Live chat / Q&A (no tools)
  • Pro Trader (Existing) - Eligible for mid-level tools (IVA + EMA modified)
  • Master Trader (New) - Eligible for adv level tools (IWC+AVA+EMA modified)

No more 3/6 months wait for tools

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1st Jan 2021
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